Remind Me That I’m 46, Not 26

ZOMG. Am on the alway posh Amtrak train right now. Anyone miss me? Been in NYC for 2 days. Stayed up til 4am cackling with friends and enjoying a prosecco or 17.

Whirlwind trip to see some of my “book club” friends. No shopping. No site seeing. Much food. More bevvies.

Have to laugh a bit at my poor sweet Frug. Left in charge of Sarcasmo and 10 for 2 whole nights!! *rolls eyes* My phone kept dying so I had it charging yesterday morning (ringer off as always *smiles*). By 10am I had 4 missed calls, several texts AND he’d even called Ashlee to check on me!

My favorite though?! He used “Find My IPhone” to try to locate me!! Honestly, wasn’t the tracker chip he imbedded in my ass working?!?


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