Good Morning, Monday!

I shall make you my dirty b*tch today! lol

Feeling oddly motivated to GSD today. Perhaps I’ll troll Facebook and Twitter til the feeling passes???  Sadly, the list is far too long to ignore.

Does everyone watch Modern Family??? I FLOVE that show!  Anyway, one one episode had Claire asking Phil, “What do you think I DO all day??” and he says “Um, well, you go to the gym and maybe one other thing“…the Frug and I died laughing. 😉


Unpack from weekend trip (or simply place the contents of my suitcase in a Hoarder Pile to be dealt with when I pack for my next trip?? Hmm)

Gather items purchased for trip and not worn and place into To Be Returned pile…am I the only one who has a never-ending cycle of Buy-Return?? I am a retail NIGHTMARE. Actually, I’m an AmEx nightmare. And a Frug nightmare. *smiles*

LAUNDRY! The Frug kept the house standing, children alive, and the counters mysteriously shiny BUT the laundry was left to hump like rabbits. *heavy sighs*

New clothes for Sarcasmo. The man-child, in a fit of himself-ness, put ALL of his shirts into the Goodwill box. All of them. Then starts screaming “OMG MOM!!!! I have no clothes! I look like a homeless person! OMG!!!!”  He has outgrown a ton of his clothes but still…ALL the shirts?? I had to bring each one out of the Goodwill box and shout “What is wrong with THIS one?” *sighs*

Go Through Old Clothes to make see if there’s a way to avoid buying all new spring/summer clothes for the giant Sarcasmo and his evil troll-like brother. haha Very Frugal, right? I am dreading going into the storage room to do this. Btw, it is the most organized and clean storage room anyone has ever seen. It’s one of the rooms the Frug tries to maintain as “his” aka Hoarder-Free. When I “go through” things, I have been known to empty the boxes, take what I need and then walk away…with every intention of putting the rest back neatly and re-stacking the bins. *winks*

New backpack for Sarcasmo. Noticed one of the large main zippered pockets dangling open this morning. “OMG MOM! I TOLD you I needed a new backpack! THIS ONE IS BROKEN!” Yes, he told me. Just then. As he was getting out of the car to go into school. Is there any reason he can’t talk to me about this stuff when I’m actually able to fix the problem??

Gym. ‘Nuff said.

Grocery Store. Always. Seriously, every day. I wish the trip the store could actually be like my fantasy one…the one where we live in a quant Italian seaside town and I walk into town and buy fresh produce from the adorable local vendors. *sighs*

By the time I get any of these things accomplished it’ll be time to get the kids from school. And then my day is shot to hell. The Frug wonders why I don’t ever get to the “big projects”…the little day-to-day things are total time suckers.

Oh, one more very hopeful To-Do…truly like to have a nice HQ poop. Is that too much to ask?  TMI? haha

Happy Monday!


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