Squeaky Wheel…hmm.

Been dealing with a great deal of “arguing” in the Casa Superficial. Mostly with His Majesty Sarcasmo. I call it “arguing” for lack of a better word. I swear this child would argue that the sky is beige…and do it LOUDLY. It’s just him spewing ridiculously angry words for seemingly no other reason than to hear his own voice. He seems to think that he who argues LOUDEST wins. I just shake my head at him. And he’ll say “Oh, that’s right…you have no answer to THAT, do you?!” and I will think “My incredulous stare is in no way an indicator of your victory, jerk“…outwardly, I yell stuff like “OMG! YOU ARE SO WRONG!” lol High Quality parenting.

Today’s Torture was about a test he has to take this Saturday in order to qualify for honors classes in HS. It’s an “English” exam.  He’s done ZERO prep work for it and I have been needling him about this. “OMG MOM! I can’t DO anything for it!” and I said “Well, why don’t you at least do a vocabulary review. I can email you some prep web sites.”  “OMG!!!!! There will NOT be vocab on that test!!” I calmly tell him “YES, there will be…it’s an ENGLISH TEST!” “NO MOM!!!  THERE WON’T BE VOCAB WORDS!!”

*deep breaths*

I slammed the car into park and flew into the house on my broom …the Frug was like “um, hi” and I ignored him to find the testing info…the info sheet that clearly says that YES, in fact there will be vocab. BECAUSE IT’S A @$()&%@)(&% ENGLISH EXAM. Took me 8 seconds to find it and fly back out to the car…I proceed to shout at him calmly show him that the info shows that *I* am RIGHT and he is so very wrong.  The letter may have been thrown at him as well.

*deep breaths*

I used to be the calmest person. No shouting. No confrontations of any kind. What has he done to me?!?  I’m trying to think of ways that all this shouting and belligerence may be helpful when he’s an adult. Nope. Can’t think of one instance. lol

I just keep thinking of that ridic adage about “The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease“…only in his case, I think it’s more like “The Squeaky Wheel Gets A Junk Punch.

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4 thoughts on “Squeaky Wheel…hmm.

  1. Ah, the joys of having an early teenage boy……arguing with every single thing that comes of his mother’ mouth……not dad, just mom! I’m thinking junk punch isn’t such a bad idea some days.

  2. Hahahaaaa……sorry……been THERE….done THAT.
    Still amazed I was never hauled off to parent-jail for my colorful uses of the English language…..

  3. Oh my gawd!! That is hilarious…And I can only say that because I will get mine. My son is only 5 right now…it’s coming. God help me…

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