Things that are WRONG

There are acts that are always wrong…some that are always right…some are questionable.

To follow is an example of WRONG…so very wrong…

Went to Target (my home away from home). Stopped in to use to use the facilities b/c Diet Coke IN equals Diet Coke OUT. The woman in the stall next to me was “dropping some friends off at the pool.” *giggles*  How did I know?  Let’s just say there was grunting…and plopping…*shudders*  Gross, of course, but not wrong.

Then her phone rang. AND SHE ANSWERED IT…and CHATTED.



*screams* WRONG!!!

Chit chatting to a friend while pooping?  While pooping in Target?!?!?!


I’m sure some of us (by “us” I mean “you” and “Not ME”! haha) have been at home and have perhaps used the bathroom, pee only, while still on the phone. Wrong but not terrible.

Talking on the phone in a public restroom while taking a crap is ALWAYS WRONG.


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