10’s Happy Place

So, 10 has some anxiety issues – I think I’ve posted here before. (have no idea where he get this from *side eyes my entire gene pool*) His new therapist has been doing some interesting things with him. His favorite is that she gives him a glass container of colored sand. He writes the worry with the sand and then gets to VACUUM it away. Perfect for him, right? lol

The other day, she had him draw his Happy Place. This is something we’ve tried to talk to him about before. The Happy Place. Anyway, I checked out his drawing. He has fine motor skill issues so it’s a little difficult to tell what the heck some of the stuff is!

Me: Tell me all about your drawing!  Are those lounge chairs?

10: Yes, we are at a fancy resort.

Me: Cool. Who’s this?

10: That’s me…and that is Selena Gomez.

Me: *eyebrow in the air* Oh, that’s nice. I how the two of you are facing each other.  *eyebrow remains in the air*  And who is this standing up?

10:  Oh, that’s my butler. He’s bringing us frozen drinks.

Me: Perfect.

10: Yeah, you and Dad aren’t there but you prepaid the butler a million dollars so I’m all set for a few years.

Me: Perfect. *rolls eyes*

Not a bad little Happy Place, eh? Sunshine, lounging on a beach chair, frozen libations…prepaid butler service. I like aaaalllll of that. 10 has good taste in Happy Places. Heck, I don’t even mind that Selena Gomez girl. I’d swap her out for Rob but other than that, he’s drawn MY Happy Place!

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