Miley Miley Miley. 19 years old and just got engaged to an actor. I smell a long life together! *snorts*

Now, that Liam kid is quite a cutie. And she’s been slightly “tamer” of late…well, minus the penis birthday cake and naming her puppy “Mary Jane“…

*rolls eyes*


Since I think it’s important for my boys to be up on celeb gossip, I let them know the terrific news! (this entire post is written in Sarcasm Font, just to be clear)

10: Disney actors don’t get married. They just date someone and dump them in 6 months.

Me: *nodding*

10: So, is she in college?

Me: No.

10: Helllllloooo Bartending!

Sarcasmo really summed it up well:

Sarcasmo: She’s an idiot.

‘Nuff said.


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