Parenting W-I-N

(with thanks to LMac for reminding me, via a FB post, about this topic)

Sarcasmo. Sweet, gentle, quiet, giant that he is. My firstborn. My angel. *snorts*  Everything I do is wrong these days. Cooking. Cleaning. Being. All wrong. Apparently this is a normal stage of development?  Harrumph.

Anyway, he’s become particular about his clothes these days. “OMG MOM! I can’t wear this!  It’s WRINKLED!” God forbid the basketball shorts and tee shirt that you’re wearing to play XBOX in would be wrinkled. *rolls eyes*  And his clothes are “itchy” and “not soft” and “covered in dog hair.” (perhaps if you would put your clothes in your drawers instead of throwing them on the floor they wouldn’t have dog hair on them?!?!?!)

Anyway. He’s decided to do his own laundry and I couldn’t be happier. I got him his own laundry basket, detergent (“OMG! I hate the way the clothes smell!“), fabric softener (since his delicate teenage hide can’t abide by “itchy” clothes), and dryer sheets.  He’s been doing his own laundry for a week or so. *purrs*

What? Am I a Bad Mom having him do his own laundry?? NO! It’s a Life Skill. He’ll be going to college (please God!) in a few years and everyone needs to know how to do this! Selfishly, this cuts down on my chores a tad AND eliminates at least a few minutes of teenage complaining. Priceless.


3 thoughts on “Parenting W-I-N

  1. Total WIN!!!! I too could do nothing right. Also, I was working & going to college full-time so my kids started doing their own laundry at age 12. It was one of the best decisions ever. They got used to it & rarely complained about it. After I graduated from college (at age 39) and started working they continued to do their own laundry. BTW, I had 2 washers & dryers which totally rocked!

  2. OMG….I kinda feel FAMOUS!!! I am making Jack do it, too, and even though I realize that it’s a LIFE SKILL and that I am helping his future wife, I still feel a little guilty. And p.s. J does’t care about wrinkles or ahem….smells, so you can imagine how proud I am to take him places with me!!

  3. WTG, ladies……I’m about to get on this do-your-own laundry train as well, and am reinspired by you 2 girlies !! My dope is leaving in just a year….and has ZERO clue about this all-important life skill ! Hope it’s not too late….have a bad feeling my boy is gonna live off dirty clothes on his floor vs. doing the damn laundry. SIgh. Good times….good times……

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