Oh my goodness!

I haven’t posted ANYTHING since June 20th??? *smacks self*

Anyone still reading?! No? Just me. Okay.

So, let’s see…what’s new??? We have Anderson Cooper coming out (Hello? This is NOT news! lol) and Tom and Katie divorcing (So Not Shocking, although I thought maybe she’d get a 10 year contract??) and Nora Ephron and Andy Griffith are dead! *cries*

Personally, we are officially done with school and have had a week at the beach! Woot!  You know what’s super fun after being at the beach for a week? Coming home after a huge storm to NO POWER.  Like, for DAYS. Since I’m a cheery, “turn lemons-into-lemonaid” kind of gal *lies*, I’ve compiled a pro/con list for power outages.

What’s GREAT about being without power:

  • Without a doubt, the best part is NO COOKING.  Tonight will be the first time I’ve cooked dinner for the family since June 22nd. *twirls in a circle*
  • Having an excuse for Sloth. It’s too hot!  Dangerously hot. No power! Better just sit down and read.
  • All that sandy beachy laundry? Can’t do it. Pile it up and IGNORE. *fist pumps*
  • Getting to replace EVERYTHING in the refrigerator and freezer and BUY MORE. #consumerismforevah
  • Couldn’t blow dry or flat iron my hair! (see corresponding Con!)
  • Letting overall grooming slide. Hard to see the mess with candles and flashlights by night and during the day, too busy sweating and bitching about same.
  • Not giving a rat’s ass about fashion choices. All my fave clothes were dirty so I had to dig deep…results were sobering.
  • Staying off social media. This was a blessing and a curse. And, actually, I’m totally lying. I was all over FB and Twitter via the iphone! Thank God for 3G! *cackles*

What SUCKS about having NO POWER:

  • No air conditioning. You have NO IDEA how much you love a/c til you’ve gone without for 3 days. Luckily, we were able to shower so we kept the stench to a minimum. How did they do it in the 1800s?  Did people just stink? I bet they did! *shudders*
  • No To Do list. No computer. No wifi. No list. (yeah, yeah, there was 3G but my battery on the iphone kept dying)
  • Knowing that i have to empty the fridge and freezer of all the rotting food. (Aunt Sage was asking about maggots the other day. *gags*)
  • Not being able to tame my ‘do. No hair dryer and no flat iron means Kelly is a Frizz Head. Had to scrape the locks into a pony tail or bun each day. Not pretty..
  • Plucking chin hairs by candlelight. Very ineffective and unsatisfying! lol
  • Pooping by candlelight. Not as romantic as it sounds. lol  Seriously, you need to SEE when you poop. Otherwise, how can you be sure that all is clean back  there??  And, perversely speaking, I like to take a look at my gift to the Poop God. What?  Like you don’t? *scoffs*

Okay, not a comprehensive list but you get the gist. lol Time to go do the freaking laundry. *sighs*


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