Austerity Bites

*sighs dramatically*

Welp, about a month ago we got a nasty AmEx bill. No idea WTF happened!! *lies*  Serious convos with the Frug. Thinly veiled threats about a horrible word that starts with a J and rhymes with SOB. Riot Act read. Austerity measures put in place. *flails*

Very poorly timed budget crackdown — about 2 weeks before our week at the beach! If you know me at all, you know that pre-vacation grooming is something I take very seriously. However, I take my marriage even more seriously! So, cuts had to be made. Take a peek at how frugal I was!

  • Did NOT get roots done. Granted it was only 2 weeks after I had them done BUT my hair grows like a weed! *bragplains*  There was a definite silver halo around my hairline. I tried mightily to pretend that it was just very, very, very light blonde.
  • Did not get a botox touch-up. I don’t get a lot of that stuff — just enough to keep the wrinkles from getting deeper and more permanent. *sighs* I’m overdue now and my face looks like it’s made of melted wax, kwim?
  • Did not buy any new clothes for any of us!! Now, you may think “Why would she buy new clothes just for a beach week?” Good ?. We do tend to go way a lot *bragplains AGAIN* and sometimes it’s hard to tell in pictures which trip is was, what year, etc. New duds make it easy! (Stop shaking your heads at me!)
  • Did not get lip/chin waxed. Yes, I looked like a blonde billy goat. *sighs*
  • Did not get a spray tan. What? You don’t get a little spray tan before being seen in a bathing suit?? Are you crazy!??  It’s a miracle worker! Hides all kinds of beauty sins! But no…
  • Forgot my usual shampoo and conditioner. Bought VO5 at the grocery store. *gasps* I know!!! Quelle Horreur!  *whispers* I have to admit my hair was nicely soft and tame. Don’t tell the Frug.

The problem with having to make all these sacrifices is having to see the scary photographic evidence. I do all the grooming so I can look at our pix with some semblance of joy. Well, not joy but not disgust, kwim?? Anyway, this go-round?? Not. Good. At. All.

In one photo, I thought “Hey, I look pretty good here“…and then I looked closer. I sort of looked like Ellen Barkin. Sort of attractive but like looking at yourself in a cracked mirror. After having your face bashed in. What???!  I love Ellen Barkin!

Anyway, please say prayers that these cut-backs can be repealed soon. Austerity BITES!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Austerity Bites

  1. I am going suggest something I have tried in times of financial desperation SLASH grooming desperation. ROOT RESCUE by L’oreal. I have not colored my own hair in….well….EVER (unless you count SUN-IN in 7th grade) so I was VERY VERY nervous. However, after fooling around with color and times for the past 4 sessions, I finally have it down. I have to color my hair every 2-3 weeks due to GRAY and there is no pretending that it’s a halo of light blonde when you have brunette hair. My colorist charges $90 per color – so…desperate times!! If you decide to go this route (root!!)…here is my advice. Pick the lightest color that matches your hair – when in doubt, go lighter. Leave it on for AT LEAST 30 minutes to really cover up gray. It works, it really does. It’s just enough color for your gray roots and it comes in this little, non-drip, comby type applicator. You don’t even need to wear gloves!! And bonus, you can really just get your roots and not mess up your PAID FOR highlights!!!! And of course, there is no color line or telltale sign of a home job – it blends really, really well. Now, of course, I would still rather go get my hair done than go this route, but it works in a pinch and I have to say…I am liking the extra cash that I am using to finish paying off Jack’s braces (—-> new Michael Kors straw bag with gold leather…..WOOT!!).

  2. Very excited about the Root Rescue tip……I’m in same brunette boat – no hiding the gray down the center part ! Tried the Clairol version when desperate once ( and it was on sale at Safeway ! )….didnt love it. There’s the Rita Hazan version at Sephora that I heard good things about – but it’s almost $40. Happy ’bout this L’Oreal ….thanks, Laurie ! The $100 color jobs just kill me – and I dont even get highlights…just all-over color !!! So annoying…….

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