Oh dear, I have a new toy!

Have you heard of Skitch?! Well, you’re going to see lots of it here! Here’s my first attempt at using it…the evil potential boggles the mind…

These photos are from Kate Hudson’s vacation in Greece. She’s had 2 kids (2 c- sections?) and girlfriend is looking goooood. Her ass, in particular, is quite yummy. What make me cackle with glee is her stomach.  Yup, that’s the telltale sign of having had babies. Big ones. Nothing can be done with all the stretched out skin, except to have it chopped off. The Frug is all about “diet and exercise” but skin is skin. She’s young but there’s only so much snapping back that can be expected, kwim? Very happy that Kate is looking toned and firm, yet natural and not emaciated…


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