“Head Over Heels”

So-and-so was head over heels in love.


What does that even mean??? If you think about it, our heads are always over our heels. So, being head over heels for someone isn’t really a big deal, right? *giggles*

I prefer the Brittism “ass over tit”…’cause if you’re ass over tit, that’s saying something, right???

**Note:  In my research for this post (Bite me! Yes, I do research!), I found that originally the phrase was “heels over head”!  (apparently that was how it was said back in the 14th century but somehow it was switched around over the centuries)

See? You can come to this blog and learn something! hahaha

**And, btw, pondering this kind of stuff is why my house is a pigsty.


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