The Sparkly Elephant in the Room

Helluva a week for me, personally and as a Twihard. This week was supposed to be devoted to GSD and overdue personal grooming. Instead I was glued to my computer screen, mouth agape, watching Robert and Kristen’s relationship explode. It didn’t implode…that’s neat and easy…this was/is a shitstorm. I seriously could not stop watching.

Have you seen the escandalo?? UsWeekly announced on Tuesday that Kristen cheated on Rob and there were photos. Twitter was transfixed…lots of denial…cries of “It’s photoshop!!” As the night went on, it became clear that it was true! O. M. G. I still cannot believe it. Who in their right mind cheats on ROBERT PATTINSON??? And in broad daylight?? Honestly. It seems like she wanted to get caught. Sigh. Then the fallout started…fan sites dedicated to Kristen have been taken down. Women who were her “biggest fans” jumped ship and boarded the “she’s a filthy whore” train. Fascinating to watch. People were writing essays dedicated to how Kristen had “betrayed us all” and “I refuse to go see Breaking Dawn 2″…chill out, fandom. Jeez.

For me, after the initial “WTF??!!!”, I started to think of what being 22 is like. And what I was doing when I was 22. And thanking God that a) I wasn’t famous b) there was no social media back then and, most importsnly, c) no camera phones!!

Now, the person she chose to ruin her personal life with? A much older married man with 2 small children…and he was her director on Snow White and the Huntsman. Her boss. What was she thinking!?!? I can see the fascination for an older man, especially when you’re 22. I’m hearing that he actively pursued her. Probably made her feel beautiful and smart and “special”…that kind of attention can be very heady.

Big risks though. The dude (whom I blame so so much) has risked his marriage and his family. WTF?? Kristen risked her relationship with Rob, her fan base, and her career. Lainey Gossip said something profound…Kristen’s become a cliche. The leading lady who sleeps with her director. Slutty starlet. Sigh. She put herself out there as a serious actress dedicated to her “craft” and oh-so-different from the Jessica Simpsons and Lindsay Lohans….Guess not.

Now, Rob. *swoons* He’s a major heartthrob. Certainly the object of some of my fantasies and on many people’s “Freebie List.” But she’s been with him for 4 years. They live together. I’m sure he’s a typical gross man who farts and snores and take massive dumps and sits on the couch scratching his balls. That can get old. And she’s 22. Maybe she was thinking it was time for some excitement?? He’s also been vocal about wanting to get married and be a young dad. She’s 22…maybe it was scaring the heck out of her. Maybe she wanted to slow things down, or even bail. And being 22, and a flaky actress type, and most likely emotionally immature, she couldn’t just tell him. Maybe she chose to napalm it, rather than have a tough adult conversation. (side note, at 22, I would never, ever, have had a thought adult convo like that. I would simply have ignored his calls. Forever.)

And then the pix came out and she’s like “holy shit!” And Rob moved out. And she issues an emotionally worded apology: “I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry”…Ooookkkkaaaayyy. Sometimes we do stupid things that seem fine in the moment…and then the next day you’re like “oh shit”… And really, nothing says “I love you” like photos of you grinding your ass into some dude’s crotch and making out like in a parked car. SMH.

And her “oh shit” moment is playing out for the WORLD to see. And judge. I mean, Rob’s parents have seen the pictures. His friends have seen them. And they’re pretty damning. (and yet weird and awkward too)

So, what happens next!? I was flying out to LA to comfort Rob (see the aforementioned Freebie List) but apparently he’s hopped a plane home to London. *curses* Kristen is somewhere in LA, getting death threats from Rob fans. (get a grip, people!!) Will he forgive her? Will they end up together?? Who knows? I’d imagine moving on from this will be hard because the freaking WORLD knows what she did. We shall see.

I’m not condoning what she did. It was beyond stupid and cruel. But, there’s a part of me who remembers her 22 year old self. Immature, selfish, crappy self-esteem…terrified of being a “grown up”…and yet also concerned about being a spinster and dying alone with my 14 cats.

Watched this all week rather than pack. Train wrecks are fascinating. Have to remember these are real people, not the gods that we’ve built them up to be.

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