Detox, Here I Come!

Ah, vacation. Love it. Love coming home to the aftermath…the laundry, the mail sorting…and the reality bitchslap about how much weight I’ve gained!

To those I recently shocked and awed with some toned muscles, this will make you happy. (cue the schadenfreude) According to the scale at our final hotel, I gained 6 bs in as many days. WWWHHHYYY!?!? I’ll tell you why…

Sample diet for the last 24 hours:

  • Jack-in-the-Box breakfast (bacon, eggs, hash browns and 2 of 10’s mini pancakes)
  • Cheese quesadilla for lunch (at a place that mysteriously listed “pot brownies” for dessert.)
  • Dinner at the wedding reception included pizza and *drools* In-and-Out burgers.  They had a burger truck come to the reception. How incredibly cool is THAT?!??
  • Oh, and cake. I managed to hide from the Frug aka Diet Nazi and had 2 pieces.
  • More and more champagne. *clinks glass* It’s a celebration of love, dammit!!
  • Breakfast today? McDonald’s bacon and egg biscuit and a gloriously fried hash brown.
  • Lunch? A hot dog and chips.

When I fall off the diet wagon, I fall HARD.



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