Tom Brady and his kids (and Gisele)

New pix of Tom and his boys…and disgustingly preggo perfect Gisele. I think Jessica Simpson could have looked like less of a whale if her 80 lb. weight gain had been stretched out over 6 feet of supermodel, kwim? Tall cures a myriad of sins.

Tom is Über-cute with his boys…roughhouses with them, kisses them square on the mouth…LOVE IT.  It’s hard to believe it’s an NFL training camp and not some gorgeous Ralph Lauren ad.

Interestingly, there are pix of Gisele with some of his teammates and their kids…looks like she’s forgiven for bashing them last season??? Or is it all PR????

Go to Lainey Gossip to see the pix and swoon…

Laineys Entertainment Update – Celebrity Gossip | Article Detail.


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