What? Lainey Liked Rob on The Daily Show??

Bitch did get her digs in — talk of his “tea pouring hands” and “mothering hips“…but said he looks hotter post heartbreak…and I must MUST agree. Rob is en fuego with the hotness right now.

A few comments of my own…he wears the mini-suits that are popular now. Back in my day (Jesus, how old am I?) suits were bigger overall. The shoulders were wider, the sizing of the jackets was just bigger…and the pants certainly did not get narrower at the hem. The Frug is always talking about the mini-suit and how it just feels wrong to him. Obvs, it works on Rob. As does the blue suit, blue shirt, black tie that I would probably tsk tsk over if the Frug wore it! lol

And, btw…did everyone watch The Daily Show last night? Or happen to catch the pix and videos that were flying around the internet???  I’m referring to the tongue-in-ice-cream incident. Sweet Baby Jesus. He KNOWS the Twi-Hards are a bunch of horny h00rs…he deliberately tongued the ice cream. Who does that??  I’ve decided that that was a little shout-out to his fans…a little “thanks for your support“…you are most welcome, Rob.

(not sure if this gif will show in the post — if not, CLICK and ENJOY!!  I cannot stop looking at it…and thinking all kinds of thoughts)


Lainey’s Entertainment Update – Celebrity Gossip | Article Detail.

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One thought on “What? Lainey Liked Rob on The Daily Show??

  1. Re: The Karamel Sutra tonguing – he said something like, “I bet that looked really gross.” Yes, Rob. We’re all drooling and squirming b/c seeing your tongue laving slowly and sensually over that mound (of ice cream) looked gross. Oh, silly, derpy boy/man.

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