An Oldie but a Woodie

Am going thru my old blog posts for undisclosed reasons…found this gem from a few years ago (note that 14 was 11! eep!):

11: (read in monotone teen boy voice) ‘uh, Mom?  I have a social studies project due, um, on Thursday…uh…I need to do an Egyptian artifact…’

Me: ‘WHAT? And what exactly are you planning on doing in the next TWO DAYS???’

11: ‘Uh, yeah…um…I think I’m going to uh paint some uh hieroglyphics on a piece of wood…’

Me: ‘DAMMIT! I guess we have to go to Home Depot?’

The Frug pops out of his office, and eagerly shouts:

‘I have wood!’

I, being a teenage boy at heart, burst out laughing and gigglesnort my way out of the room…

11 and 8: ‘What’s so funny, Mom??’ ‘MOM??

Me: *gigglesnort* ‘Nothing

The Frug (not clued in yet): ‘I have plenty of wood!’

Meon floor, crying with laughter

Yes, I do need to grow up. And, no, I didn’t explain the joke to the kiddos. Thankfully the Frug eventually caught on…yeesh.


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