Entering a New Phase in Life Apparently…

…the Embarrassing Parent phase. It seems I humiliate Sarcasmo merely by being alive. *sighs*

It started slowly with comments like “Aren’t you going to put some actual clothes on?” when I drove him to school. What? Sweatpants are real clothes!  Just b/c I slept in them is irrelevant!

Ordering a meal in a restaurant…simply outlining EXACTLY how I would like it…sauce on the side, meat cooked well-done, if it’s Diet Pepsi, no thank you, etc. No biggie. The look of utter disgust on Sarcasmo’s face? Priceless. The eye roll plus heavy sigh are a bonus.

At the pediatrician yesterday for his check-up…having a little convo with the nurse…when she left the room, he turned to me and said “OMG MOM. You make everything awkward“…oookkkaaaaayyyy.

Took him to get a new backpack (allowed under the Austerity Measures since he hasn’t gotten a new one since 2007 – seriously)…ordeal…I was apparently walking around just being a public embarrassment to him…”OMG MOM. Do you have to LOOK at me so much?”


Trying to explain to him later how freaked out I am about him starting HIGH SCHOOL tomorrow. He said “Yeah, just wait til 4 years from now when you drop me off at college and I say ‘See you at Christmas’!”  Does he want me to jump off the Bay Bridge??  Does he???

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5 thoughts on “Entering a New Phase in Life Apparently…

  1. Ouch! That remarks stings.
    Your response. “I’ll hear from you in a week when your beer $$$ runs out.”
    What knuckleheads

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