Need Deep Thoughts on BB Creams

BB creams (Beauty Balm) are everywhere. What do we think of them?? I’ve tried the Garnier one. It’s “fine.”  Like a glorified tinted moisturizer. It’s def.more moisturizing than my fave Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer though.. But all the claims I see about “radiance” and “dark spot reduction” and “fine line smoothing”?? Nada.. Frankly, even in the ads, I see little difference between the before and after shots.

Of course, since I’m just using a drugstore brand *glares at the Frug*, I do wonder if the department store BB creams are better. Has anyone tried the Bobbi Brown one? (I guess that would be the BBBB cream? lmao)

Maybe I just don’t see results from topical stuff like this b/c my skim is too old and too far gone. *sighs* Def. need a good sand blasting and/or chemical peel soon.

Has anyone tried one of these and loved it? If so, gimme!! Or, should I stick to a separate moisturizer and “foundation”??


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