Am Going to Hell (again)

US Weekly has pics of Jennie Garth, post split with PFach, in a yellow bikini. Click to read.

Everyone knows I love Jennie. I LOVED Kelli Taylor on 90210 and hated the evil Brenda…as anyone with half a brain would. *arches brow*  ANYWAY, much has been written these days about Jennie’s post divorce slim down. I think she looks good. And most people lose weight when they have a bad break-up, right??

So, here’s the first pic:

She needs a smaller bikini bottom. That baggy look is not attractive. (makes me think back to Nicole Ritchie in a baggy bikini — remember??) I thought that  her belly button had a tummy tuck look to it. It’s just a little off, right??

Welp, check out photo #2:

Def. not a tummy tuck with that saggy skin!!  Weeee!  As much as I like her, seeing that skin hanging down makes me a happy bitch.

*sizzles in hell*


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