Jessica Simpson is a Dumbass B*tch

Sorry to be blunt but c’mon!!  She says she didn’t realize that all the weight didn’t come off when you had the baby. WHAT?!  Just how stupid is she???????   You start off at 130, end up at what looked to be 200, and your baby weighed 10 lbs. Hmm, I’m not a math person but there’s a good 60 lbs unaccounted for there. Probably more b/c she is a liar too! lol

Enjoy the pic of Jessica’s epic EPIC rack. You could just pop those bad boys with a pin and milk would explode outta them!  Impressive.

Here’s a snippet of Michael K’s golden words about Jess just being a regular girl trying to lose the baby weight:

“I’m just your everyday woman…” Heffa, shut your mouth on a loaf of Weight Watchers banana bread, because you ain’t an everyday woman. As far as I know, everyday women aren’t paid millions of dollars to lose weight and don’t have an unemployed husband who can take care of the baby while she walks in place as her private chef makes her lunch. Bitch can call herself an average woman when I see her doing crunches in her cubicle before eating a lunch of broccoli slop that she tried to steam in the break room microwave.

Chestica\’s Chichis Kept Her From Jogging.

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