God Help Me. It’s Happening Again.

You know how I mock something and then wait a bit and suddenly I find myself liking it? (like skinny jeans, for example!)  Welp, I’m worried about this…I’m starting to not hate wedge sneakers. *shrieks* I do NOT want to like these. They’re weird and puffy and wrong. But, let’s look at these Marc Jacobs ones…

And similar ones from Steve Madden:

And *whispers* these are terrible but I can’t look away…

I’m always in a quandary in the fall…I need a casual shoe to fill the “can’t wear flip-flops anymore and yet it’s not boot weather yet” void.  And we all know how I feel about “cute flats“…I must have a heel of some sort to elongate the stumps.

There’s something about them that’s very 80s. They remind me of the classic white Reebok high tops…which I discovered 5 seconds ago that they still make them and you can still buy them!  Whoa. TINA!!!

HELP ME!  Tell me how hideous and just plain wrong wedge sneakers are. But read this post from The Glamazons first… They make them seem almost practical! lol



4 thoughts on “God Help Me. It’s Happening Again.

  1. OMG! Can’t believe I wore those! All the time! And not just for that aerobics class we took at school…..wasn’t that lady’s name something weird like Cotton?

  2. *gags* They are SOOOOO ugggggleee! The only pictures I thought were cute on glamazons were Alica Keys because she was at a sporting event and Zoe Saldana maybe? the one with the leggings because she is so skinny. These are going to be filed under “OMG…that was so 2012…I cannot believe I ever wore those!” Too trendy and *whispers* too young.

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