Holy Shit! It’s October 15th??

Honestly. How. Did. That. Happen? It was just Labor Day! September passed by in a blur of child-related bullshit. Back to School Nights. Parent Teacher Conferences. Bake Sales. 10 turned 11! (*shrieks* and how did THAT happen??)  Birthday parties. 11 had his TWO WEEK INTERSESSION aka mini-vacation for HIM, major inconvenience for ME!

Oh, to add to the joy, Sarcasmo is now rowing, which is a 4-school-days-plus-every-effing-Saturday-morning commitment for all of us. Despite how painful that schedule, gotta say, it’s helped his attitude immensely. He even admits that he doesn’t have the energy to be angry. W-I-N.  Maybe that’s what I need??? lol and yet not kidding.

What else? Hmm. Grooming is a major fail these days. I have Kelly Days lined up and we all know what happens when I try to plan something for me me ME, right? *sighs*  Needed a mani/pedi last Friday. Sent Otis to doggy day care. Got a call within ONE HOUR.  The Black Beast had a fight with another dog and had BITTEN him on the head…so, he’s now banned from there. So, rather than get a mani, I sat around and worried about stuff and worked on this fun project instead:

Picking off shellac nail polish is rather satisfying. Excellent for the nails too. lol

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