Being Frugal CAN be Fun!


Well, after much internal debate, I decided to buy a pair of wedge sneakers!  Stop judging!

The ones I initially lusted after were the Isabel Marant ones:

These are so hip/trendy that they are sold out everywhere. I saw a pair on ebay for, I shit you not, $995. CRAZZZEEEEE!  I think they were originally around $250. For a pair of “sneakers”?? Come on!!!

Ashlee bought the Steve Madden version:

They retail for about $150.  Better. But still not Frugal.

Frugal Fanny here decided on the Sketchers version:

And they were only $89!!!  *pats self on the back*

I’ve worn them a few times. I texted pix to a few friends…reactions were NOT mixed. lol One said “very Newark, NJ“…which is apparently NOT a compliment. Another friend said (verbatim quote) “Sorry. They are fugly and skanky and trampy and fugly.”  Don’t they realize that kind of reaction only encourages me?? lol

I have worn them with skinny jeans and a long sleeve tee + ski vest. I felt very cute, dammit.


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