Opposites Attract? Familiarity Breeds What?

Sigh. The Frug and I have very different ideas of how to spend “down time”…the kids are off of school for 2 (or more?) days due to the Frankenstorm.

I thought maybe the time would pass:

Baking and Eating All the Carbs
Reading Smut
“Quiet Contemplation” aka Napping

The Frug wanted to focus on:

Reorganizing My Side of the Closet
Discussing Kelly Grooming Budget in Q4
Reading Books on Budgeting and Minimalism.

That tricky Frug had a surprise for us tho. At 10am, the doorbell rang – the carpeting guys!! What?! Yes, the 2 kids got new carpet in their rooms while the storm began.

Lucky me, I got to spend time moving the contents of their rooms into the hallway, sorting thru it all (yahoo! Reorg!), and then putting it all back together again!

All while making breakfast, lunch and dinner…dealing with Otis…doing loads of laundry before the power failed…and, perhaps most fun of all, fielding myriad questions and COMPLAINTS from the children.

And then the power went out and will be out for days.

And I’m PMSing HARD.

Yup, I am one lucky girl.

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