Peevish Irritation

Yes, I’m a petty bitch. Yes, things bug me that don’t bother “normal people”Sigh.

On today’s List of Annoying Things? “Facades.” Literal ones. Went shopping. Well, browsing. *throws a glare at the Frug* Saw a cute leather dress (pipe down, the Frug likes me in age-inappropriate slut wear!) and then turned it around…plain black knit. Huh. Saw a cute sequined party dress – same thing – plain knit back. Huh. Are you not supposed to turn around?? Like look at my sexy leather but don’t look behind me! Would the child laborers have to be paid overtime to add the back? (it’s a JOKE, people) Or maybe it’s like a reverse mullet? Party in the front, business in the back?!??


Don’t roll your eyes at me. I have actual problems I’m dealing with that aren’t so funny so I’m blogging about petty bullshit as a coping mechanism.

*sticks tongue out*

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