Calling Bullshit Here

Okay, you know I think any and all celebs who tout their virginity and are over 18 are completely full of shit, right?  Now, Tim Tebow. Come ON. NFL star and virgin??? Please. Anyway, he’s dating Camilla Belle, gorgeous actress, age 26, and a virgin??  Really???  Ooookkkaaaayyy. Maybe I’m just a cynical bitch but…

I mean, look at her…not a virginal outfit there, Camilla…plus, she has what I like to call “knowing whore eyes“…not the eyes of a virgin there, missy.   She’s seen some stuff, kwim?  And Tim?  Well, in that outfit?  Maybe he is a virgin. What the hell do I know?
Here’s the article about their virginal romance if you care for a laugh…


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