I had a procedure done at the dermo the other day and I’ve been HIDING from the world!  I had a Levulan Photo Dynamic Treatment for my actinic keratoses (precancerous lesions that usually need to be blasted off with liquid nitrogen). Here’s a link with info on it.

The great thing about PDT is that it will bring the bring all the precancerous crap to the surface and then they will peel off.  Having them removed by the dreaded liquid nitrogen has left me with white spots on my nose and chest — and my nose actually has a divot in it!  So so so preTTy!  Anyway, the PDT is better cosmetically and it gets attacks the ones that I can’t even see yet. As a bonus, it helps improve the skin’s tone and texture and stimulates collagen. And, being ever frugal, this procedure is covered by insurance at 100%!  WIN!

However…sigh…I look a LOT worse than I expected. They said that I would be red and maybe a bit swollen, similar to a sunburn. Hmm. Not exactly. It’s a really good thing I’m not vain.

Oh wait. I am! lol and *sigh*

I’m day 4 today…and I don’t look as bad as this guy but it’s close:

My chin is the worst for some bizarre reason and it’s just starting to peel. I’m still hopeful that I will look fantastic and be pre cancer-free…

*fingers crossed*


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