Twilight Musing…

So, yeah…the last Twilight movie officially comes out tomorrow night.  Cannot believe it. Read the books in a couple of days in June of 2009…I was LTP (Late To the Party) b/c the first movie had already come out! Anyway, I think my obsession with all things Twilight and Robert Pattinson *purrs* is well-known.

So, Kristen Stewart. Was anxiously awaiting her wardrobe choices for all the promotional shenanigans surrounding the last film…and there’ve been some interesting ones. These two stand out to me…and I’ll tell you why.

The Romper:

Huh. A long sleeved “formal” romper. Who knew?  Legs for dddaaayyysss, btw.

And today’s Jumpsuit:

Hmm. It’s a little Nashville-meets-Vegas-meets-Old-Ladies-on-a-Cruise for me. And assless chaps come to mind. Whatevs. She’s gorgeous in all of it.

My question though…does she ever pee??? How does one wear a romper or a jumpsuit and go to the bathroom???? Regardless of how much money you have, we’re all in the loo squatting over the toilet at some point. And, having to unzip those things and hold them in your hand or balance it on your thighs…again, bathrooms are bathrooms and there’s grossness on the floor no matter what so you need to protect the outfit, kwim?? And then there’s the wiping and flushing and redonning the clothes…*wipes brow* yeesh.

God forbid you’ve got to poop!  Eek!

Very complex. You cannot be drunk whilst wearing a romper, kwim?? Because that could be very problematic.

I suppose these are truly First World Problems, eh?

See, this is why I prefer skirts. Bathroom break? No problemo…lift it up and GO.

Shit, my Freak Flag is FLYING tonight.



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