Reposting — New Insult

Good Morning!  Day 1 of Detox. Anyone else going thru fatsugarsaltdoughalcohol withdrawals? Just me?  Fab.

Anyway, while in beautiful NePA, my nephew reminded me of “gib bag“…I had completely forgotten…reposting this gem below. Enjoy!

(Be warned, this is gross, even for my standards! Lol)

Ready? What could be worse than calling someone a douche bag? (“douche bag” is my go-to insult for when I’m driving) Side note:  not once has either of my boys ever asked “Mom, what’s a douche bag?” I wonder if they’re afraid to ask? Lol I know that 12 would be horrified and 9 would be intrigued and have many follow-up questions! 😉

Where was I?? Oh yes, what’s a nastier thing to call someone? Ready? A “giblet bag”…seriously, how foul (fowl! Ha!) is that? Giblets.  *shudders* What kind of sicko even thought of doing that? “Hey, let’s take all of this creature’s internal organs out and then stick’em in a bag, along with it’s neck, and then shove it all back in?” Poultry farmers are some sick f*cks!

Even worse? You know how disgusting the poultry industry is, right? So, there’s a very good chance, practically guaranteed, that the giblets you remove from the poor bird aren’t even its own giblets. Insult to injury, no?  (the process of removing them is disgusting…ugh…on Twitter, some gross, yet funny, guy said “it’s not ‘removing the giblets’, it’s Turkey Fisting!”  haha and eeuww)

You’re welcome for your new phrase.


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One thought on “Reposting — New Insult

  1. Proud mommy moment…when Son tweeted “My mom just asked when I turned into such a douchebag” and it got dozens of retweets and favorites. Yay me! (spoken like a gib bag)

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