The Devil Has ADD

Welp, it’s happened. I avoided it for months. PINTEREST. AAHH!! I found the description shudder inducing – an online organizing tool. GAH! Organizing?? The horror. Who would want that?? Not I.

Until last night. Started browsing through the preTTy preTTy things. Oh, a tanzanite ring!! *pins* Look at that smoky eye make-up! *pins* OMG, that e card is so funny and inappropriate!! *pins* I love those knee high brown boots! *pins*

45 minutes went by in a flash.

I’ve decided it’s the ultimate ADD in social media form. Lots of shiny things to be distracted by but you also can “interact” with friends! *giggles* Wonder what Rachel has pinned? *clicks* Does KTB have a Pinterest? *clicks* Oh, there are make-up specific boards?? *clicks*

It is a time-waster you can be proud of though b/c it’s measurable. *rolls eyes* Fine, I’ve been sitting here on the computer for an hour but look, I’ve pinned 136 things! Look at my fancy boards! *preens*

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4 thoughts on “The Devil Has ADD

  1. Welcome to Pinterest! It’s my #1 time suck and I can peruse while at work as my employer hasn’t blocked the site yet!

  2. I use it to collect recipes. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that, but there you have it. Also, pictures of tiny perfect little houses with no room for anyone but me!

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