Xmas Progress

Well, we have.a tree! It’s moved from the sad bucket in the garage into the house in a proper tree stand. It is naked. It shall remain so for now. #lazy

As ever, this was a team effort. Bringing the tree in from the garage required 3 people. *rolls eyes* The Frug makes everything into a 2 person task, minimum. Sigh.

Anyway, I was attempting to make dinner as he struggled with the tree in the stand. Finally, it was straight!

The Frug: “Cow! Where’s the sap protector cloth?”

Me: “What??”

Frug: “You know, the blue circle that goes under the tree to protect the floor from tree sap?”

Me: *puzzled WTF face*

Me: “Oh! You mean the tree skirt??” *eye roll*

“To protect the floor from tree sap?” The hell?! ?!

Next up, the lights and infamous “Christmas Balls”!!

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One thought on “Xmas Progress

  1. Haha! I could’ve written this. We do have the lights on finally. Tree remained naked for 1 week. Balls wait for oldest to come home over weekend. It’s a 3 week process here.

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