Grinchmas 2012

Sooo, what did everyone get for Christmas?!?!  I loved asking that when I was a kid. These days, I get boring and unromantic answers like: “we don’t exchange gifts” or “new tires” or other bullshit. Ugh.

My fave gift for the Frug went on the tree immediately:photo

He got me this mysterious box:

photo copy 2

What is it and why you (and I) might ask?  The Frug is calling it a “Stair Shuttle“…He gathers items I’ve strewn around the house and places them in the Stair Shuttle until such time as I am willing deal with them.

Here is is “in action”:

photo copyJealous?

Look what I got from Ash…fans of Breaking Bad will get it:
photo copy 3

And inside?  That’s right, baby…

photo copy 4

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like blue rock candy “meth”!

I’m sorry. Did you just get sweaters or frying pans??  lol

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2 thoughts on “Grinchmas 2012

  1. Is a “stair shuttle” one of those “it’s really more of a gift for the giver than the receiver” kind of gifts. Grinch ornament FTW!

    Nothing can top blue rock candy “meth”. Those quote marks are so very important.

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