Whoa. 1/1/13?

Wait, what happened to Christmas?  New Year’s??  It’s the THIRD??

Been meaning to write a bit but have been distracted by Grumpy Cat memes and “Best of Cute Cats” on youtube. *sighs* Pathetic, I know. The cool thing about the internet is that you can now be a crazy cat lady WITHOUT actually having more than one cat!

So, New Year’s resolutions? None. Don’t believe in ’em. Just another list of To Do’s that I ADD about and never do. And if I did make a list, it would be evidence of failure when NONE of the resolutions happened. *sighs*  I prefer to fail silently.

I guess one thing I want to do this year is be present in my life. I spend a ton of time worrying about “what’s next?” and “what if?” and little time just “being.”  I guess one thing I’ve been slowly accomplishing is becoming my mother, one worry at a time. *sighs*

Jeez. Cheery litte post, Kelly.  Okay, I’ll leave you with 2 pix.

First, my precious Fiona:


And, the dog who made my life better during the stressful Christmas season, I present Otis and his Cone of Shame:





I’ve already put up a pic of Otis and the Cone of Shame???  DAMMIT!!!!  No memory of that. *sighs*

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One thought on “Whoa. 1/1/13?

  1. Grumpy Cat memes are the best. If you are a Star Wars fan at all, and haven’t already seen it, there is a super funny one where Darth Vader is presenting Grumpy Cat as a potential new Sith apprentice. Hi-lar-ious!

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