Niche Marketing

So, today’s Kelly Time (all 90 minutes of it) included browsing through the feminine hygiene aisle at Target, as one does…I posted the photo earlier of the poorly named “Radiant” tampons. Good Lord. Radiant? I want mine to be “sturdy” or “tough” or something. Radiance is not a quality that will make me want to buy your tampons.


All kinds of interesting items in that aisle now. Did you know that there are Trojan brand VIBRATORS?  At Target?! All kinds of “intense” lube and massive condoms. Sort of salacious stuff for a family oriented store. Not that I’m complaining.


Saw this item:

photo copy 9

Playtex “Fresh & Sexy” Before and After Intimate Wipes.


So, who could they be marketing these to? Hmm. People who aren’t going to be showering/bathing before OR after “intimacy“… People who need to grab a wipe, use it, and move on.



They are marketing to WHORES.

Whore Wipes — buy ’em at Target.

Just FYI.

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3 thoughts on “Niche Marketing

  1. So it appears they are using actual dirty beavers (the animals, ahem) in their marketing campaign for these wipes. Maybe the crossover promo with Les Mis didn’t work out. #moviewhores

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