The Dead of Winter

Aptly named, no??  D-E-A-D. Lack of LIFE. You know what’s dead? All the skin on my body. My cuticles. Dry and dead. Also deceased: my inner joy, my good humor, and my libido. *growls* Good Lord, I am SICK of the gray skies and dreary cold weather. Fuck February!!!  aahh! I’m convinced I will always be cold and exhausted. No end in sight. Spring is never coming. Doom. Gloom. Blah.

“They say” that Scandinavians (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland) are the world’s happiest people. HOW??? WHY? It’s fecking cold there. It’s dark all damn day for part of the year. Why so happy?!!!??  What are they doing that we aren’t??! Maybe they’re not just staying home, bundled up, eating everything that isn’t nailed down…*taps chinS* What else could it be??

Eating Season is coming to an end though, thank GOD. February is the Super Bowl (Let’s EAT!), my birthday (Where are we going to EAT?), and Valentine’s Day (candy candy CANDY!)!! ThankfullyI’ve managed to avoid all the Girl Scouts and their delicious cookies. But, wait. One more aptly named “holiday” is coming — Fat Tuesday is February 12th. Maybe this year I’ll just celebrate Chunky Tuesday or Thick Tuesday?  Or ItsOnlyWaterRetention Tuesday?

Blerg. Blah.

I know this mood is par for the course. Nothing new. We’re all knee-deep in our winter routines. I hate routines, btw. Deadly dull. Same thing, day in and day out. I have friends who thrive on routines. I have one child (11, bless his routinized heart) who lives for routine. Me? *spits* Hate it. Roll out of bed, make breakfast, take kids to school, feed dog, unload dishwasher, load dishwasher, throw load of laundry in machine…see? I’m falling asleep just typing it!!!

I may head out today *gasps* and go to the mall. (just browsing — chill, Señor Frug)  The spring clothes are out already and the neons and other bright colors make me have the teeniest bit of hope in my frozen heart. Spring is coming…it has to…right?


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