Happy BirthWeekend to Me *yawns*

Welp. I’m old. “Late 40s” AAHHHH.

Gotta say, my Frug knows how to give good bday. Utterly spoiled. Had some botulism injected into my face, got a superduper Korean spa scrub and massage (sans happy ending tho, dammit), a bottle of Prada Candy, AND a new pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans (and he got them at NORDSTROM! He hates Nordies!!!)  And, we went out to dinner on Friday night (with chillens) and let me sleep in until 11am on Sat. morning! And then out again on Sat. night (date night) and saw my fave beach band (with the hawt guitar guy)…and then he dealt with the aftermath of my cheap champagne hangover on Sunday…me on couch, moaning non-sexily, whilst he fed kids, carted 11 to CCD, walked the Beast, etc, etc.

Now, today I am attempting to deal with the aftermath of me taking the weekend off. Dishes everywhere and the laundry has been mating again. I think I have 6 loads to do. So, naturally I’m still in my jammies and have been on Pinterest since 9am.


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