Can’t Win! *growls*



So, my sweet angelic Sarcasmo. *says sarcastically* Such a teenage boy. Lazy, messy, argumentative. Not smelly though. Unless one counts Polo Blue as a “smell.” *rolls eyes*  My boy is very into his look. Is almost late for school each day b/c he is working on something he calls his “flow.” “Flow” is his hair. It’s a characteristic of good hair apparently??  IDK. He is even now…wait for it…blowdrying his hair. I know. How not masculine is that???!  It’s a phase, right??


Regardless, it is affecting his ability to get his ass in the car on time in the morning. If he is late to school X number of times, it’s a Saturday morning detention. Mama don’t play on Sat. mornings, ya feel me?!?  So, rather than sacrifice a moment of his grooming time, he doesn’t eat breakfast. THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY. And his lunch is at 1:30!!!  “OMG MOM, just buy me Pop Tarts!”  To quote Grumpy Cat – NO.

Found some great “breakfasts on the go” on Pinterest (see, my time is NOT wasted there!) and made some “egg cups.” Very simple, high protein, filling, etc. Eggs, turkey sausage, onions/peppers, sprinkle of cheese, BOOM.

photo copy 10

S:  “OMG MOM!  What the hell is this?” 

The Frug: “It’s an egg cupcake”

S: “OMG! Cake batter and eggs?!  Are you crazy?

Me: *sighs* “It is NOT a cupcake. It’s eggs”

F: “It’s like a muffin”

Me: “IT IS NOT A MUFFIN! It’s eggs!”

S:OMG! I’d bite into it and my mouth would expect sweet and I’d get eggs? NO WAY!”

Me: “Maybe I should just buy Pop Tarts.”

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