I am a Super Genius

Obviously, this is NOT NEWS. However, I am now an inventress!  Behold the Tot Pill Pocket. Tot Pocket. Tater Pocket? IDK. I shall have my marketing team get on this name business at once.

photo copy 11 photo copy 14

photo copy 12photo copy 13

Necessity, as always, was the mother of invention. My poor sweet Beast had his teeth cleaned and scaled and scrubbed and probed. My baby was intubated and knocked out!  (cannot ever say “put to sleep”, right??)  He is in pain (apparently, his neglectful frugal parents have allowed him to develop the “worst case of gingivitis” they’ve ever seen in a dog) and has to take a full course of anitiobitics and pain meds.  We are out of those fancy Greenie’s Pill Pockets and His Majesty refused to take the pills with peanut butter or cheese. Actually had leftover tots (amazing, right??) and my brain actually sparked to life!

The Frug is quitting his job and I have booked our tickets for our around the world cruise. I’ve bought large crates for Otis and the children. We’re RICH!

*trademarks, copywrites, and pees all over this idea* mine mine mine.

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4 thoughts on “I am a Super Genius

  1. Bwaaahaha! That pic of Otis licking his chops is perfect! I’ve never seen him look so happy, must be the drugs.
    So not surprised that Kellie commented only on your nail polish.

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