The World is a Scary Place…

…when you google “Anne Hathaway’s Nipples” and get a jillion results. Maybe just the fact that I’m googling that kind of thing is sad and scary in and of itself?! lol and who cares!?!

Anne. Congratulations!!  She is gorgeous and a great actress and she went the extra mile to play Fantine in Les Mis. I think she lost a shit ton of weight, right?!  Anyway…hasn’t been her best year in photos though. We saw her delightfully groomed lady garden a few months ago (WEAR UNDIES PLEASE!) and then, last night…sigh.


Pale pink couture dress. Demure posture and gamine hair and makeup. What could go wrong?? Sigh. Nipples. Traitor nipples. Actually, it’s the darts in the bodice but who cares about that? All the internet sees is pointy nips and memes are born.



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