Passive Aggression at Its Most Beautiful…

Had my quarterly dinner with my Tinas. 2 pomegranate margaritas and cackling makes my heart swell. And my ass too apparently. *glares* I walked in the door and didn’t get a “How was dinner?” from the Frug.  I got a “So, WHAT did you eat?” with look of abject horror on his face. *scowls*  I did eat a nicely salty crab cake and petite filet. And the most delightfully salty crispy shoestring french fries. *purrs*  Why is it that eating salt and MSG can puff you up instantly but a week of eating lettuce and drinking gallons of water don’t lead to a pound lost on the scale?? (please don’t bother thinking I actually eat lettuce and drink gallons of water. *sips 2nd DC of the day*)

This morning, I got another little dig, not about my diet or the usual “What are you doing today? Anything??” that I’m used to. Today it was “So, can you do something with that closet?” Oh, I can think of a number of things, my friend. *narrows eyes*

Another one is when he walks into a bathroom that has been destroyed. “What happened in here?” he’ll shout. Gee, Fruggie, I have no idea. Maybe, just maybe, someone has taken an enormous dump?

Ignore me.

Tired Kelly is always Evil Kelly.

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