HFSPD and Random Miscellany

So, good evening. And ouch. A fun pre-St. Patrick’s Day Date Night last night. And “a few” proseccos were consumed. ‘Nuff said. (actually, I’ve already blogged about it – nice early onset dementia there, Kelly)

Today, I cooked my first (and LAST!) corned beef thingy. Not corned beef and cabbage b/c the corned beef stinks enough as it is! Anyway, knowing my family, I cooked alternate meals. For 11, ham and tater tots. For Sarcasmo, corned beef and tater tots. For the Frug, corned beef and mashed cauliflower (JFC, that stinks too!).  For me? Scrambled eggs and bacon (and let’s be honest, tater tots). So, with the corned beef, ham, and bacon, Otis was beside himself. I literally slipped in a puddle of his drool. I repeat, LITERALLY.

So, corned beef? WTF is it?  It’s some part of the cow that you cook for hours and yet it’s RED. WHY?! It looked like liver when I opened the package and like a dried up red tongue when the cooking was finished. ICK. And the spices?  GAH. The stench. Someone save me from the stench.

Hope the Frug enjoyed it ’cause that is a one time meal. *gags*

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