Thoughts on Sugaring?

Got a Groupon last week (FRUGAL!) for a Brazilian Sugaring. Sounds pervy, no?  *whispers* It actually sort of was!  Eek!

Anyway, sugaring…seems like waxing, right? Wrong. It was WEIRD.

The technician had a fistful of the brown sugar goo. She used it over and over in tiny spots. With waxing, I feel like it’s over pretty quickly, with the person using large swatchs of wax. This was slower. She sugared smaller spots at a time. Seemed vaguely and weirdly intimate. Like “GET ON WITH IT!!!”  An upside was that it wasn’t as sticky icky afterward. There were no bits of wax stuck to my undies later. lol

So, one would think that since it took longer and she was meticulous, it would be all around BETTER, right?  WRONG. It’s been 4 days and I have STUBBLE!!! What the hell?? It obviously just took the hair off at the surface and not at the root. DAMMIT!

Now, what to do? I just can’t walk in there and show ’em my stubblabia. I can’t. The initial process is intimate enough – going back to complain would feel almost like a spat with a lovah to me. lol Yes, I am strange, This is #notnews. I guess I will just chalk sugaring up to a failed experiment. Sigh. At least it was a Groupon and therefore oh-so-frugal. Like me. *grins*

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One thought on “Thoughts on Sugaring?

  1. I’m really glad you posted this negative experience, because I was considering doing this sugaring thing right before my trip to South Beach at the end of May. Now I’ll just go for the waxing instead. I always love how you write, you have me rolling every time!

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