Bob Harper’s “Skinny Rules”


Hmph.  My girl KTB mentioned that she had pinned some good healthy lifestyle tips…so, I copied her and have posted it here to discuss!

Okay, what do we think?

1. I hate drinking water, period. And drinking it before eating makes me feel sick to my stomach and all sloshy. Which makes me feel nauseated and hungrier. And if I drink a bunch, then I have to pee and my meal gets cold. Growl.

2. Agree. This is why I don’t drink juice. However, if he is referring to alcohol, eff that.

3. Agree.

4. 100% agree. Carbs are the Devil.

5. Um, that’s a fuckton of fiber. Super Colon Blow anyone??

6. Apples and berries every day? Sure!  Love ’em!

7. Hmm. I guess this is a good one but I can’t eat a vat o’pasta for lunch – I’d fall asleep!  And I can’t eat a chicken leg while watching a movie! Come on!

8. Fine.

9. Makes sense.

10. ACK! I have aspartame and stevia in an IV here by my computer!

11. WHAT? WHY, Bob, WHY? No white potatoes? They are the lifeblood of my people!

12. A whole day meatless? So, can’t have carbs after lunch…what else is there? DO NOT SAY SOY.

13. *stomps foot* WHY?! haha Just kidding. Fried food. Fast food. All the Devil’s work, I know. But the salty carby deliciousness is so hard to say no to!

14. Absolutely agree. I have friends who don’t eat breakfast. Coffee only. Have no idea how they function. My stomach is SCREAMING for food in the morning! lol

15. Agree AGREE! Now, I do like to eat out, don’t get me wrong. (not that I love the food, I just love not having to cook for once!) But, restaurant food is almost always higher in calories and fat than if you made the same thing at home. Plus, it’s frugal!

16. Salt? I LOVE SALT.

17. NO. *flips a table* You cannot make me!

18. Who am I? Oliver Twist?

19. YES YES YES. Sleep is so important!  I should be doing it right now!  Sleeping thru meals was my go-to weight loss trick in college!

20. Now you’re talking, Bob. Splurging! Oh, wait, we aren’t talking about spending money on makeup and beauty treatments?

So there…some healthy habits! lol  If it works for Oprah…oh, wait. Never mind. *cackles evilly*

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2 thoughts on “Bob Harper’s “Skinny Rules”

  1. I’m shocked! I was prepared for you to rip this apart but you agreed with most of it! He gives good advice. I have adhered to every point except 2 of them for 3 months! Go meatless for a day? No effing way, I need my protein (insert spooge joke here). Also, I have a white potato once in a while. Ok, I’ve had three…in 3 months. Changing my diet has changed my life and I’m worth it! *flips hair & walks away*

  2. Amen to Ms. Martini! I try to follow these as well. Except #2, because on Friday those cocktails ARE NECESSARY SO STEP OFF MY BACK ABOUT IT. And er, I struggle with #5. And put down the DC, Supa. It’s evil.

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