My Boy is Becoming a Man…

*sighs* Sarcasmo. Literally growing daily. He is now officially 6’1″ and 154 lbs. At age 14. WTF? I need to stunt his growth somehow. Maybe hobble him?  IDEK.


In addition to physically growing, he’s becoming more of a man in other ways too.

Went into his room yesterday to pick up the soaking wet towels he left on his bed and on the floor. Saw 2 empty Pepsi bottle, 3 half-empty water bottles, crumpled bags of chips, and candy wrappers. (and yet he is painfully skinny – NOT FAIR!)

Went into my bathroom, where he apparently showered. Discovered a box of tissues IN the shower as well as about 15 crumpled tissues. Who does that?? *praying he has a cold* 

A quick check of my bathroom found a few pubes on the toilet seat, delightful tracks in the toilet, and zero TP left.

Is he a man now? Or just a frat boy??

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2 thoughts on “My Boy is Becoming a Man…

  1. Girl’s bathrooms aren’t any better j/s. After raising three of them… The food, makeup, clothes, etc. Horrid messes

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