Reese Witherspoon Got Arrested!!!

Filed Under “Giggling Madly” and “Holy Shit“!!!!!


So wrong.

Apparently, her husband whatever-the-fuck-his-name-is was pulled over and failed the Breathalyzer. Reese was in the passenger seat shouting at the cops and wouldn’t STFU. So, she got arrested too!


Anyway, here’s her mugshot:

Side note: That dark hair is NOT working for her but she gives excellent Shame Face. Head down submissively. *giggling harder*

Wait. Does the mugshot actually says “Poon, Laura Jeanne“…POON????  Oh, cancel my howling. It must be the end of “Witherspoon”…damn.

The Frug and I take taxis. Not because we’re rich and famous. Because we are SMART.

Reese Witherspoon Got Arrested And Pulled Some \.


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