Who Puts the Eff in Frugal?

Part of living with the Frug is getting to hear all about other super-awesome Frugal People. There’s always more being written about minimalism and frugality and other crimes against humanity each day. Before I “retired” back in 2000, I was forced to read “Your Money or Your Life“…twice. UGH. Agony.

So, the Frug’s latest “hero” is Mr. Money Mustache. No, I am not making this up. His motto?  “Stash Your Cash.” *groans*  This guy lives with his wife and child somewhere in Colorado. They are “retired” and somehow only spend $25K a year. They still have health care, travel, have cell phones and cable.  He also claims that they eat well –  “mountains of organic food.” Hmm. He published his annual budget. Certain items made me gasp in horror. Example? “Mrs. Money Mustache’s ANNUAL Haircut.” ANNUAL?!!! And it was something like $20. I need to see a photo of Mrs. Money Mustache’s sweet ‘do. Another line item was groceries — $5,700 a YEAR. Now, that didn’t include wine which was $280 for the YEAR. So, all food and alcohol was $6K. I HATE HIM. Under “Shoes and Clothing”  – $327. FOR THREE PEOPLE.




Other people hate him too. The Washington Post featured him last weekend (to the Frug’s utter delight and my disgust) and many people wrote in to bash him. Click here to read some comments that have been left for him.  One of the kinder remarks referred to him as a “Smug Asshat“. lol

But this guy is the Frug’s idol. How in the world can *I* work with this? I do try to cut back on things. (do NOT roll your eyes at me) I try. But, I know I can never compete with Mrs. Money Mustache and her freaking Amish sister-wife hair ‘do. *sighs*

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4 thoughts on “Who Puts the Eff in Frugal?

  1. Wow. I guess a post like this is to be expected from someone who wants wants wants $1,750 designer boots.

    I find it really sad that you need to resort to insulting someone’s wife because you hate him. You don’t say why you hate MMM, but whatever. I know quite a few men and women who cut their own and their families’ hair. They all look great. It’s not rocket science.

    Yeah I know, just tell me to f*** off. Cursing doesn’t bother me. I grew up hearing my dad curse non-stop, no one can out-curse him.

    • I want want want $$$ boots but I won’t buy buy buy them. And I’ve heard his wife is rather lovely. Perhaps her yearly haircut is a good thing. Have a great day!

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