It’s That Season Again!

Spring? Summer?


Swussy.  Look it up, I’ll wait.

I’m beginning to think that Swussy Season is year round. Thanks perimenopause!

During the winter, I was wearing my favorite Champion Core Compression tights from Target. The ones that make me look like a slightly-more-feminine Olympic Speed Skater Eric Heiden.normal

Mine aren’t gold, dammit. *makes note to get gold winter running tights* Mine are a marbled grey. They are awesomeness. However, they hold heat IN. Non-wicking. Not friendly to the vajayjay.

Anyway, now it’s warm out so the tights have been put away in favor of shorts and skirts. My lady parts are still overheating. Not in a fun sexy way tho. *grumbles*  Can’t walk around sans culottes though. *whispers* Drippage. *shudders*

There are days that I’m so warm down there that I want to just take a pair of scissors and cut the crotch of my pants out. Or sew a mesh panel there. I’d actually like to invent pants for us old ladies that have grommets in the crotch to let our poor swussies BREATHE. I wonder if insurance would cover that? Medical necessity, kwim???

I was googling (for the love of God, Kelly, back away from The Google!) and found some “fun” products!

“Knock Out” Panties! They have a whole line of odor absorbing and moisture wicking undies and jammies and workout wear, etc.  Check it out! These are pretty cute!


 $38 for a pair of boy shorts?!?!  *shrieks* NOT FRUGAL!


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