Greed is an Ugly Thing

I consider myself to be a greedy, needy, selfish girl. #ownsit But, I saw some folks yesterday who make me look like Mother Theresa.

Went to NYC to have a Kiki with some friends. After we awoke at 11:30 (lazy whores!) we went to the nail salon, as one does. KTB went to fetch coffee and came back to tell us that it was free. FREE? I certainly like free but nothing is free, right?

Apparently, the story she was told, a man with the Coast Guard had given his platinum AmEx and said to charge everything to him. Sounds weird, right? How does a Coast Guard person have a platinum AmEx and why would he choose to do this?

I went over about 30 minutes later and it was bedlam. The line was out the door. People were grabbing pound bags of coffee and all the mugs they could carry. The store was being wiped clean. I just wanted an iced coffee (3 pumps of sugar-free caramel and room at the top for milk – a Fruggaccino), kwim? The woman in front of me was as appalled as I was at the legal looting going on. I kept looking for the cameras, someone recording the greedy side of humanity. A social experiment on greed.

We asked who the benefactor was (was he there, watching?) and if we could thank him. Nope. But they did say we could write a note to him which I did. And my new friend in line reminded me to tip the staff, since the greed patrol certainly wasn’t.

I ended up drinking my “free” coffee and feeling icky. I would never have grabbed all the coffee beans and mugs and treats, just because they were “free.” They weren’t “free.” Someone was paying. I’m still wondering “why?” Did this guy just want to buy a bunch of strangers a cup of coffee and it went horribly wrong? Why wasn’t AmEx cutting this off? It screamed “FRAUD”, right?? I was waiting for a producer to walk up getting release forms signed or something.

I guess it made me want to do something nice for someone else to “pay it forward” in some way. I doubt the Frug will authorize something on such a grand scale though. Lol


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