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House of Shame

The Frug and I are prepping for a small holiday party. Nothing fancy. Drinks and food, nbd. The prepping gets the Frug all frenzied though. Certain things have to be put away so the guests can’t see them. Some make sense to me. Otis’s crate, for example. It’s huge and malodorous so it gets put in the garage. Other things have me shaking my head.

Coats. We have a coat closet and a hanging coat rack.The ones on the rack are shameful apparently and must be put elsewhere. God forbid anyone should see coats on a coat rack. I guess we should each have one coat and wear it at all times.

Shoes. There’s a small shoe rack (near the offensive coat rack) that has *gasp* shoes on it. SHAME! Those shoes must be hidden away. “No one needs to see all those shoes!” Um, okay. It’s not like they are in our entryway. They are around a corner and even under a table! Nope. Shoe shame.

In the kitchen there is so much to be ashamed of. A basket of vitamins and supplements. SHAME. The canisters for flour and sugar? Dear God, HIDE THEM! My “in basket” of misc paperwork, coupons, whatnot is so very shameful. The blender, the KitchenAid mixer, coffee grinder? Not shameful necessarily but must be hidden b/c “the countertops should be bare.”


Bare countertops are in model homes, not real houses where people actually LIVE! Aahhh

Takes me days to find all the crap that he’s stashed away. Sigh.

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