Rainy Days at the Beach

Back in the tanorexic days, a rainy beach day was a traumatic thing. Cause for panic. Had to find a tanning salon! (sadly, this is true) These days? Almost heavenly!

We had a HUGE storm last night. Today’s weather is majorly overcast and cool. Something about the weather is making me feel even lazier than I usually do! May go take a nap! (side note–I miss ‘baby nap’ days…it was like an automatic Pause Button on the day, kwim? “the baby needs his nap!!”)

So far today, I woke up late (9am) and made breakfast at a leisurely pace and left the dishes to ferment in the sink. Then 8 and I went to the outlets and then the Oreck store! (say “woot” with me, sistahs! Lol) Then we met 12 and the Frug for lunch…now the kids are parked in front of the tv and the Frug is napping…I won’t join him due to the excessive snoring but once he’s up, it’s my turn!! Then maybe I’ll read a magazine! Or just so nothing!! Woo!

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